Save Cash On AC Costs This Summer With This Instant Cooling Ceiling Fan

Screws into any standard lightbulb socket!

Written By Austin D. | Smarter Choice | Updated: | July 29th, 2023 Advertorial

Cool Down Your Home with this Powerful Ceiling Fan – No Electrician or New Wiring Required!

If you can screw in a lightbulb, you can install BreezyBulb!

BreezyBulb is the revolutionary new ceiling fan that cools you down your home with a powerful blast of cooling air. And unlike expensive air conditioners that cost a fortune to use, BreezyBulb operates for just pennies a year!
For the price of just one inflated utilities bill, you can equip your home with multiple BreezyBulbs. And they don’t just work great, they also add a touch of style to any home!
  • Safety First Design – works safely at any speed.
  • Three Different Fan Speeds – from a gentle breeze to a torrent of refreshing air.
  • Built-In LED Lights – set the perfect mood with the press of a button.
  • Bright, Money-Saving Bulb – as bright as a 75-watt bulb, but uses a fraction of the electricity.
  • Handy Remote-Control – control fan and lights without getting out of your chair.

What is BreezyBulb?

BreezyBulb is a remote-controlled, hybrid cooling device and lighting fixture.
Compared to central air conditioning, BreezyBulb is FAR less expensive to operate, better for the environment, smaller, portable, and can cool you down just as effectively!
Central air conditioners are extremely expensive to operate! And they also contain harmful chemicals and refrigerants that accelerate global warming.

What Makes BreezyBulb Such a Great Product?

Super Easy & Safe Installation

BreezyBulb simply and safely screws into any existing light socket. If you can screw in a light bulb, you can install BreezyBulb!

Saves You Money

BreezyBulb cools down your home quickly and efficiently, yet it operates for just a fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner!

Easy to Use Remote Control

You can control both the lighting and the fan with just the press of a button on the Remote. It’s fantastic for when you’re super comfortable and don’t want to get up.

Multiple Cooling Modes

Choose the lowest setting for a gentle breeze and use it as your always-on mode. Or turn the speed to its highest level to experience a torrent of refreshing air.

Constant and Comfortable Airflow

Just like an air conditioner, BreezyBulb circulates air throughout your space to make it cooler. But unlike an air conditioner, BreezyBulb is better at distributing heat evenly.

BreezyBulb Puts Your Energy-Guzzling Home Air Conditioning to Shame!

What Do Customers Have to Say About BreezyBulb?

What Other Great Features Does BreezyBulb Offer?

Virtually Noiseless

BreezyBulb is virtually noiseless, so it won’t interfere when you want to watch a movie or listen to music. It’s also ideal for when you’re sleeping!

Solves Lighting Problems

BreezyBulb isn’t just a source of cool air, it’s also a source of bright light. And because BreezyBulb uses a Remote Control, you can easily adjust the airflow and lighting.

Attractive Styling

BreezyBulb adds visual appeal to any home. Ceiling fans have become extremely popular with interior designers and architects due to their unique and compelling visual style.

Space Saving

Not only does BreezyBulb free up floor space in living rooms and bedrooms, it’s also perfect for smaller spaces such as kitchens, ironing areas, dryer rooms, and bathrooms.


BreezyBulb uses far less energy than air conditioning units and doesn’t contain any chemical refrigerants that contribute to climate change.

Is BreezyBulb Worth It?

Look at it this way: you can spend thousands of dollars on air conditioner utility bills or you can purchase the extremely affordable BreezyBulb and start cooling your home for just a fraction of that cost!

And right now, you can get your own BreezyBulb while it’s on sale at an incredible 50% OFF!

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To get your own BreezyBulb, simply visit the Official BreezyBulb website here.

NOTE: BreezyBulb is only sold on their official website. All US orders ship from their US warehouse. All orders have fast shipping so you get it delivered quickly.

As of Jul 29, 2023: Because of the global supply chain crisis, BreezyBulb has sold out 3 times this year. Their current supply is flying off the shelves, especially since this limited time offer got popular. Get yours before it’s too late!

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